When is Urban Archery Season in North Carolina?

This is the 15th in our series analyzing Carrboro’s Energy and Climate Protection Task Force’s Recommended Deer Cull.

Assertion 15: “Urban archery season is in the fall. A decision could be made as to whether to look into for the fall of 2016 or 2017.” [page 43]

Um, no. Urban Archery season is in the winter. The 2016 season runs from January 9 through February 13. Obviously, the Task Force has not researched this issue very well.

At the November 1, 2011 Carrboro Board of Aldermen meeting, one of the out-of-town bow-hunters who showed up lamented that the Urban Archery season was in the winter, when the leaves were off the trees, and “deer aren’t stupid.” They avoid the hunters when they can. The regular season is much better, in the fall, when you can hide in the leaves and tell the bucks from the does and kill more bucks, which leaves more does to produce more fawns. Oh, also, in the regular season, you can use firearms, which are much more effective (deadly).

So, in the end, the Urban Archery program is just a training ground for more urban people to buy more archery equipment, and eventually, more guns.

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