Should Carrboro Taxpayers Fund a Marketing Campaign for Hunters?

This is the 14th in our series analyzing Carrboro’s Energy and Climate Protection Task Force’s Recommended Deer Cull.

Assertion 14: “A well-conceived and well-implemented public outreach and education campaign will require Board and staff approval and effort. This campaign is needed to get public buy-in, ensuring that citizens understand the purpose of, and need for, managing the deer population.” [page 43]

So the hunters want the taxpayers to run a marketing campaign for them. At some level, they must realize that the majority of citizens will be against bow hunting and deer killing within town limits, and that it will require a “well-conceived and well-implemented” taxpayer-funded marketing campaign to persuade them otherwise.

We believe that the residents of Carrboro are intelligent enough and compassionate enough to see this recommendation for what it is.

Carrboro has, in recent years, spent taxpayer dollars on a branding and marketing campaign that produced the slogan, “It’s Carrboro. Feel free.” It seems that Carrboro is now on the brink of spending more taxpayer dollars to undo all that effort to market the town as cool, hip, diverse, progressive, inclusive, compassionate, and inviting. Perhaps the new town slogan will be. “It’s Carrboro. Feel free to kill some of our gentlest residents.”